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Yue Changsha | 3 days 1.5 billion!A ride behind the dust, Yunda in the end with what?

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A recent project:

Its average transaction price is nearly 30,000 yuan per square meter;

The total amount of sales opened for 3 days, about 1.5 billion yuan。

Whether it is the unit price or the total amount, in the current Changsha market has a list of the taste of small mountains。

In the marketing center has just opened, most people do not realize that it has opened for sale, and the sales volume of the vast majority of real estate projects is difficult to forget。

In Changsha market can create all this, onlymg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站

Yunda Riverside PlazaThe appearance of Yunda means that Yunda has opened a peak work of one ride。

For a time, both inside and outside the industry focused their attention on here, and discussions on project location and price emerged one after another。

When Yunda once again crosses the market, we may wish to stop and take a closer look, Yunda in the end how to do products?

How to achieve perfection with Yunda's standards?

The project location is as follows: Located at the intersection of Changsha Avenue and Wanjiali Road。

Everyone will be curious, by the standards of delivery of land, will be polished out of what kind of product?

Its facade consists ofAll aluminum cladding and triple laminated glassComposition, the scene has been able to see part of the exterior wall real scene, such a combination, Changsha has never seen。

All aluminum claddingThis optimized iteration of the new luxury facade material is not only better than the ordinary facade in thermal insulation and weathering resistance, but also more than 30% higher than the effect of the ordinary exterior wall。

Triple laminated glassIt is also very rare on the market, and there are almost no homes under 100 meters。

As for the effect, you can directly experience the difference between opening and closing the window in the display room of the model room。

It's not an exaggeration to say,When the window is closed, it can fully achieve library level silence effect。Coupled with the high quality fresh air system, the room ventilation is also completely free of concern。

It is logical to say that the hardware level of protection has far exceeded the market standard, but the delivery is more commendable in ecological construction。

To the west of the project, Yunda will build a street-facing park of more than 30 meters wide, 700 meters long and about 22,000 square meters。Use hundreds of tall camphor trees transplanted with full crowns to form a tree array to isolate the noise and dust outside。

The same technique was used on the Guitang River。

If you have been to the project site, the view of the Keitang River should look like this:

Or something like this:

Isn't it a bit like the recent controversy over "being human" versus "being human"?

Completely subvert the impression of the Gweitang River in my mind。

In order to fundamentally transform the water quality, Yunda lifted the water to build a dam, raised the whole section of the river by 4 meters, raised the community by about 5 meters, and built the Guitang Riverside park of about 25,000 square meters along the coast。

With the interior carefully built 38000㎡ aesthetic boutique garden,The ratio between the landscape area and the total land area of the project is more than 1:1A beautiful natural oxygen bar, enough to isolate the noise and dust of the city。

The perfect answer must be presented without any defects, which is the standard practice of delivery。

Yunda does not attach to the landmark, but becomes the landmark

Living in such a real estate, the garden lets people forget the troubles of the city, but the rich sense of life and fireworks will not be reduced at all。

Because almost all the problems related to life, Yunda helps you think ahead。

This is where the rail network meets:

Line 2, Line 4, Line 5, and intercity railways all converge near the project, among whichLine 5 Takahashi South Station directly to the community,The owner can get home without leaving the groundIt is only about 20 minutes' drive from Huanghua International Airport and high-speed Railway South Station.

12 years of worry-free education at home:

The project self-built 2000㎡ high-quality kindergarten, and with the government to build a nine-year system of Yuhua school affiliated to Normal University, owners can directly support the study;

And Yunda's key skill - business:

The project has nearly 10,000 square meters of subway boutique business, zero distance with life, will be operated by Yunda;

Adjacent to St. Regis Hotel, W Hotel, Yunda Hui and other Yunda department of international high-end business;

There are also Yun Da's standard equipment within the communitySuper five-star hotel standard to create 1500 square meters luxury club,囊括Luxury lobby bar, heated swimming pool, gym, yoga room, chess tea room等。

Open to owners only, it is now fully live。

Looking around, the eyes are full of the intensive sense of urban resources。

In this area, Yunda plays a big game。

From the large flat floor residence opened in the first phase of Yunda Central Plaza, to the world's top commercial clubs including the double five-star hotel + Yunda Hui in the second phase, and then to the commercial residential in the third phase, Yunda has been deeply ploughing on this land for 20 years, and gradually equipped it with modern urban necessities。

With the formation of the pattern of the whole game of chess, the various pieces that arrive are also destined to become a unique landmark of Changsha together with the plot。

This is Yunda's unique philosophy:

Not to be attached to a landmark, but to be a landmark。

It did, and it opened its arms to more people。

If early projects like Yunda Apartments served only the people at the top of the city, you'll find that today's Yunda,Start turning the city还给城市

To the north of Yunda Riverfront Plaza is an open civic square, which, like Waterfront Park and Waterfront Park, is open to all citizens。

Water control, garden repair, commercial facilities...

In almost every project, Yunda is driving the renewal of the surrounding city, all of which is not a simple pile, but a planned long-termism。

This is only a small step in transportation, but it will add up to a big step for Changsha。

The price of the ceiling is still cost-effective

Put all the above planning and supporting together, even if you do not know the civil construction, you will understand that the potential cost of the Riverside square is far above the ordinary product。

Therefore, when the project is added with the fine decoration of "transport up to the standard", it still has the cost performance。

Well, you read that right,Even if the price has broken through the ceiling of Changsha residential, Yunda still has a consistent high cost performance。

First of all, a fact: the hardcover price of Yunda Riverside square is only 3,500 yuan/m², but the hardcover standard is not settled at all, and everything is built by "Yunda standard" :

Yunda Riverside square small high-rise decoration standard is 6000 yuan /m², house decoration standard is 7000 yuan /m²。

So here, you can see Yunda's signature luxury delivery,Project bungalows can even be checked in directly, all cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances are readily available;

You can see quite Yunda characteristics of lacquer wood finish + leather finish wall, both craft quality and artistic sense;

You can also see Yunda's standard full-dimensional intelligent security system, smart home system and central air conditioning + floor heating + fresh air combination;

There are also exquisite bathroom ceilings, hidden vents, rounded corners, and the rare 2.7 meters large rock slab covers the floor and wall of the whole house。

In the past, we introduced the decoration standard, more is to repeat the brand and configuration of this simple and clear sense of pile material。

But only experience the model room, will understand the difference brought by the decoration texture。

This can also explain why the re-purchase rate of old owners is very high, and even actively recommended to relatives and friends。

Because Yunda has always tempered every product with the concept of ultimate residence, every time, it can bring the feeling of heart。

What is more valuable is that the current Yunda is more in the transmission of the concept of openness and compatibility, in the Riverside square, the project has made about 30 units, coveringBuilding surface about 141㎡ to 736㎡ variety of productsTo serve different groups of people。

Both the top and bottom of the luxurious residence:

There are also small high-rise pure improvement of human settlements:

There are also bungalows that pay more attention to living zones:

Compared with the delineation of more luxury housing projects, Yunda is choosing to embrace more groups and let more people feel the charm of Yunda。

What does it mean to live in Yunda?

Having seen Riverside Square, my answer is:Good life already兑现


There are so many stories to tell about Yunda。

But no matter how many pictures and images, it will not be more than the experience of Yunda's intentions。

In the past week, if you have been to Yunda Riverside Square, you will find that the parking lot is full almost every time。

This project, which created the ceiling of Changsha housing prices, still does not verify capital, and always opens its arms to everyone。

So in any case, we suggest you check out the marketing center at Riverside Plaza。

Feel the transport up close, touch the transport in real life。

You might feel the same way we do:

In 2022, in Changsha in the late autumn, it is very nice to meet such a Yunda。

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