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A week of hot plate | improved plate accounted for the hot list of "half the wall of the river mountain" Yunda Exhibition Bay phase II in August to push new

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Yunda Exhibition Bay 263㎡ urban forest garden residential model room real scene

Red net time news June 27 news(Reporter Kang Xi) "The first phase is sold out, and the second phase is expected to add 143-176 square meters of small high-rise products in August", last week (6.18-6.24), Yunda Exhibition Bay sold on the list, and the average price of the project was close to 1.90,000 yuan /㎡, sales of 1.500 million yuan, jumped to the top of the Hedong area sales。From last week's top ten list, the vast majority of just changed and improved projects。

Last week's hot list was dominated by improvement projects

According to the data provided by the Central Plains of Hunan Province, last week, Vanke Forest Park, Yunda Exhibition Bay, Changsha Runfu, Changsha North Center Poly Times, Zhonghai World, MCC Park 1957, Jinmao Changsha International Community, Deao Shanghe City Chapter, Yunda Riverside Square, Zhonghaixing Yue Fu and other 10 projects sold on the list。

Judging from the list, except for the two projects of MCC Park 1957 and Changsha North Center Poly Era, which are mainly just need positioning, the other projects are improvement needs。

According to the analysis of the Central Plains Research Institute in Hunan, the number of commercial residential units, Vanke Forest Park after two months to increase again, with the brand, since the launch, has maintained high heat, become the best-selling red plate in the Gu Shan plate, once again won the sales and transaction double top。

In addition, in terms of commercial apartments, China Resources Land Center has been sold out, the sales volume is early transaction, the threshold for listing is low, and the apartment market as a whole is low。The top two commercial apartments in terms of amount are projects with a high number of units sold, increasing the total amount, and there are many commercial large floors with high unit prices in the list, and the total price is high。

The Dragon Boat Festival fake boost supply turnover double liters

Data show that in the third week of June 2023, 730 units of first-hand residential transactions in the five districts were completed.80000 square meters, up 42% and 41% respectively。

First-hand housing supply of 2,837 units, 49.300,000 square meters, up 423% and 536% respectively。

From the opening situation, a total of 7 residential projects were monitored, such as the North Center Poly Times, Jiachen Road, Merchants Shekou Binjiang, Merchants Shekou Yongshan Lake, Lugu City Park, Poly Changjiao Jinshang, Poly Meixi Tianjun and other projects were opened, 1002 sets were launched, and 541 sets were subscribed, with a subscription rate of 54%。

Since the beginning of this year, last week is also the opening of the project concentrated to push a new intensive period。Some industry analysts pointed out that the Dragon Boat Festival holiday has a certain role in promoting the new property market, and the turnover has also risen, but it is still at an absolute low。

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