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Hunan Daily | Star Chef Shining Hunan Flavor Feast -- W Hotel Changsha held the second anniversary of its opening ceremony

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On the evening of September 15th, a unique high-end dinner was held in Xingyan Chinese Restaurant of W Hotel Changsha, located on Changsha Avenue。It is reported that this is the "Star Yan Chinese Restaurant Tasting activity" specially planned by the hotel to celebrate the second anniversary of its opening, which has welcomed many food experts in Star City and attracted a lot of media attention。
W Hotel Changsha is a global fashion destination,Every design is unique,Since opening,With the design of super time and space and the positioning of the avant-garde pioneer, it has become the new network celebrity punch card in Star City,The on-site all-day restaurants TROPICS, RUNWAY Bar and Star Beauty Chinese Restaurant all feature,Its first-class hardware facilities, excellent service quality and excellent dining experience are highly praised by food lovers。Among them, Xingyan Chinese Restaurant is committed to providing a new style of Hunan cuisine, bringing interactive dining experience to Changsha, subverting the traditional and inherent cognition of Chinese food。In this tasting dinner, Chef Daniel from Taiwan and Chef Zhang Luozhong, executive chef of Chinese cuisine with more than 20 years of experience in Hunan cuisine, worked together to present a delicious food feast for guests。

                       (Live cooking by Chef Zhang Luo Zhong, Chinese Chef of Xingyan Chinese Restaurant)
当晚,Chef Daniel has prepared the dishes for a nine-course dinner,Each dish is a work of art with both beauty and taste,Homemade chicken and ham hanging fire ring snail soup,Taste salty and fresh,The savory chicken and ham is cooked gently with a delicious ring snail,It can better stimulate the sweetness and tenderness of the ingredients themselves;Roast beef ribs with black garlic sauce,Simmer Australian grain-fed beef ribs until crispy,Seasoned with a rich black garlic sauce,Rich beef flavor,With sweet potatoes with red hearts,The taste is more rich and layered。According to the taste and characteristics of each dish, the chef also paired four different flavors of wine, which made the evening's food taste more colorful。Daniel says: "Every dish at Star Yan Chinese Restaurant represents the love and heritage of our culinary team。We hope that through this tasting dinner, guests can fully feel the characteristics and quality of Xingyan Chinese Restaurant in W Changsha Hotel, and taste the beauty of Hunan cuisine。”

In addition to savoring the food, guests are also attracted by W Changsha's trendy, dazzling design and extraordinary ambience。Xing Yan Chinese Restaurant has been innovated as a cabaret venue where pioneering musicians bring immersive live music shows。The row of stinky tofu sculptures at the entrance of the restaurant and the stinky tofu dominoes displayed on the LED screen are cultural symbols with local characteristics of Hunan。

                       (Chef Daniel talks to guests)
The atmosphere at the dinner was warm, and the guests felt the warm hospitality of W Changsha Hotel while tasting the food。Mr. Huang, the guest, said that W Hotel is different, and this tasting dinner not only left a good memory, but also full of expectations for the future of the hotel。

                       (Speech by Charlie, Managing Director of W Hotel Changsha)
Charlie, General Manager of W Changsha Hotel, thanked all the guests, "Thank you very much for your continued support and love。In the future, we will continue to uphold the brand concept of W Hotel, constantly pursue excellence and innovation, and provide guests with better quality and more personalized service。”
In the future, W Hotel Changsha will design more fashionable catering activities to inject more vitality into the development of Changsha's catering industry。

About W Hotel Changsha
Located in the center of Yunda Central Plaza of "Star City Changsha", W Hotel Changsha integrates the concept of future navigation into the local cultural gene, creating a magical journey of "Star Sand Universe", and ignites the majestic passion of exploring the unknown for the pioneers of fashion。The hotel has more than 300 rooms and suites inspired by space fantasy, opening up a unique star-hopping experience。Whether it's the energizing FIT Fitness Center, the relaxing WET pool or the "Dream Factory" -like AWAY spa, guests are committed to taking away their daily worries and rejuvenating。TROPICS All-Day Restaurant is tropics;The Cabaret-inspired Star Chinese Restaurant and RUNWAY Bar, which looks like a "star" every moment, offer a unique and deeply immersive journey。With more than 1,000 square meters of event space, including 5 meeting rooms and function rooms of various sizes, all equipped with cutting-edge meeting equipment and audio-visual entertainment facilities, it is the ideal place to host all kinds of themed events, large conferences, private banquets or business events。The hotel provides 24-hour service at any time/on demand to lead guests to explore the unknown and enjoy the "star" style。
More about W Hotel
W Hotels is one of Marriott International's high-profile specialty luxury hotel brands, rooted in New York City's bold attitude and moment-by-moment energy, with nearly 20 years of successful experience and a unique approach to the hospitality industry。W Hotels continues to expand its global footprint, disrupting perceptions and challenging traditional definitions of luxury in every destination, and now has 52 hotels in the world's most dynamic cities and resorts。W Hotel's mission is to provide a steady stream of vitality for guests to enjoy life, igniting desire, unswerving and never tiring。W brand's unconventional design, iconic "anytime/on demand" and vibrant W Fashion Hall are always committed to creating a unique surprise experience for guests that has been imitated but never surpassed。Creative, exciting and extraordinary, W's extraordinary energy inspires guests to explore the latest developments in every destination, leading them to work hard, play hard and never tire。

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