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Conveyer motor


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Hunan Yunda Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in September 2002,Located in Changde Lixian high-tech development zone,Covers an area of about 300 acres,The construction area is 120,000 square meters,Focus on the development, design and production of braking systems for commercial vehicles and various engineering vehicles,It was rated as Hunan Enterprise Technology Center, small giant Enterprise and national high-tech enterprise。

Yunda Electromechanical has established a research and development center led by senior technical experts in the braking system industry and equipped with industry-leading experimental and testing equipment, with more than 50 senior technical R&D personnel, and has obtained more than 30 invention patents and utility model patents。It is equipped with more than 500 sets of advanced intelligent processing equipment and more than 10 automatic and intelligent assembly lines,Developed drum type, wedge type, gas disc type, liquid disc type and other commercial vehicle brake series more than 500 products,Annual output of pneumatic drum brake 2 million, wedge brake 500,000, pneumatic disc brake 500,000, hydraulic disc brake 1 million,It is an important supplier of China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, SinotruK, Foton Automobile, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry, Xugong Group and other large automobile and construction machinery groups,Covering the main domestic commercial vehicle, engineering vehicle market。At present, Yunda Electromechanical is striving to transform from a traditional brake manufacturer to a total solution provider for automotive brake systems。

Products and services

The company's main products are all kinds of automotive drum brakes and disc brakes, product models of more than 100 kinds, respectively, for cars, heavy and light trucks, large and medium-sized buses and construction machinery vehicles supporting。

  • 457

  • 153

  • 458

  • Steyr

  • 90A

  • 40G

  • 310

  • Mine car

  • 457J蹄

  • 457蹄

  • 417蹄

  • 曼蹄

  • Disc brake

  • Disc brake

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